The stories that started it all

If I asked you right now what stories you loved best, what would you say? Are there any stories that have stuck with you for over a decade?

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For most of us, those books were from childhood. They’re the stories we grew up with, the ones that were there when we had a feeling we didn’t know how to express, the ones that showed us we weren’t alone, the ones that showed us a bigger, more magical world.

The ones we will, in fact, love forever.  Continue reading

Kick-ass beginnings & cautionary tales

How many times have you seen the following?

A writer sits down in front of a blank page. They are going to write. It might be the next great novel or a story that will define the age. Maybe it’s a shopping list. Who really knows?

They stare at the page for a while. Finally: Eureka! An idea.

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Beginnings can be tricky. If you’re hoping to sell the story you’ve lovingly crafted, there is even more pressure to get it right. You want your audience to keep going.  So, what can you do? Continue reading