3 types of books to read when it’s too hot to think

I always have the best of intentions.

When it comes to reading, I pick out a lot of books that sound fun. I also usually try to get a couple nonfiction or literary books to balance out the sillier fare I love.

But this has felt shockingly accurate lately:

 hot fire episode 22 season 13 paper GIF

It’s awfully hard to focus on books “to improve your mind” when you’re pretty sure you’re about to melt.

Now, since I’m one of those people who would drink my (iced) tea out of a mug like this…

A Day Without Reading Is Like.... Just Kidding, I Have No Idea Mug(You can find it here )

…not reading is not an option.

With that in mind, here are the three categories of summer books I turn to the most:

Travel (#1) 

Summer is the perfect time to go somewhere new. (Especially if where you are feels like the inside of a blast furnace.)

Now, if you’re strapped for cash or have an unforgiving work schedule, the most exotic location you might be able to reach is the local library.

Image result for books give us somewhere to go when we must stay where we are

So why not read a book that takes you somewhere new?

Back when I was only flirting with reading nonfiction, travel books seemed like the most palatable option. There aren’t many of them in libraries I frequent, but I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve found.

Bill Bryson is always a popular pick. I also really liked “Notes from a Small Island,” but the first one of his I read is still my favorite.

Image result

Admittedly, with his obsession with the deadly fauna, reading it right before studying abroad in Melbourne might not have been my best move.

There are also even zanier options out there. Some of their mishaps may make you happy you’re not currently globe-trotting.

Image result for no touch monkey


Image result

Alternatively, if you’d like to visit somewhere colder than wherever you are, why not try out Norway?

I’m always looking for new recommendations…especially since I’m not sure I’ll be able to go on a vacation this year either.

Do you have a favorite travel book?

Image result for books are the cheapest vacation


Satire (#2) 

Whenever I want to read something that makes me laugh (and think), I turn to this genre.

If you want to go classic, why not try out Voltaire?

Image result for candide

I read this one in high school when it was mentioned in a history book and was pleasantly surprised at how funny and readable it was.

My personal favorite is Terry Pratchett. He is at turns hilarious and poignant. While it’s hard to pick the one I like best, this is certainly near the top of that list:

Image result for small gods


Magical Realism (#3) 

This is one of my all-time favorite genres. Many of the ones I reach for when it’s warm like this are light and sweet. Besides, who doesn’t want to add a little magic to their life?

One of the most recent I read was this one (all about storytelling with some horrendous/fabulous puns):

Image result for haroun and the sea of stories

I also had a lot of fun with this one last summer (magical shoes):

Image result

Then there’s one of my favorite authors, who I truly wish would write more books, because I’ve checked them out of the library so many times:

Image result for sarah addison allen


Do you have any favorite summer reads?

In any case, wherever you are, and whatever you’re reading, I hope you find ways to stay cool!


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