3 types of books to read when it’s too hot to think

I always have the best of intentions.

When it comes to reading, I pick out a lot of books that sound fun. I also usually try to get a couple nonfiction or literary books to balance out the sillier fare I love.

But this has felt shockingly accurate lately:

 hot fire episode 22 season 13 paper GIF

It’s awfully hard to focus on books “to improve your mind” when you’re pretty sure you’re about to melt. Continue reading


Good God(s): Wonder Woman vs. Mythology (pt. 2)

In my post yesterday, I started comparing the Wonder Woman movie to the mythology that inspired her world.

Now, let’s see how Wonder Woman does against the gods.

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Children of Zeus

Movie/Comic: It’s later implied/stated that Diana is the daughter of Zeus. Honestly, I think this is an incredibly boring twist and preferred the earlier women-centric origin story. At least it’s different.

Myths: My biggest problem with this is that Zeus raped, seduced, and/or generally screwed almost every woman in ancient Greece. (And carried off a young boy once as an eagle, presumably with less-than-honorable intentions.) The idea of Hippolyta sleeping with him is…icky.

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Seriously, it’s harder to find a hero who isn’t Zeus’ kid. Continue reading

The Problem with Wonder Woman: Confessions of a Mythology Lover

First things first, I’ve been excited about the Wonder Woman movie ever since Diana Prince showed up in Batman vs. Superman.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gif movie batman action GIF

Was it perfect? Of course not.

Did I expect it to be perfect? Also no.

While there were some clumsy moments–mostly the way the whole origin story was framed–I loved the movie. My biggest problem was actually with the mythology. Continue reading

Adapt or Die

The students I’ve worked with this year are now on summer vacation. Some of them have probably even taken a look at their yearbook since then. I’m willing to bet at least a few of them see something like this written in there:

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Nice sentiment. Horrible message.

As I think about yearbooks and all the years since high school, there’s one concept I keep coming back to: transformation.

 blue satisfying chrysalis moho GIFYeah, like that, but more literary.

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