“I got it from my mama”: stories to share

It’s Mothers’ Day today! In honor of the occasion, this post is going to be all about those fabulous, life-giving women in the world.

Image result for mothersImage result for mothersImage result for mothers

More specifically, it’s going to be about the stories they shared with us.

When my sister and I were very small, my parents read us bedtime stories. There are far, far too many to recount here. I still remember most of them with love.

Image result for spooky green pants dr seuss

This, however, was terrifying. Thanks, Mum! 😛

from What Was I Scared Of? by Dr. Seuss

Answer: This picture. 

Some of my favorites:

Image result for sesame street bedtime stories book

As well as many Disney storybooks…especially anything involving this guy:

Image result for winnie the pooh

Aside from all those bedtime stories, she took us to the library too. What better way to give your kids the world?

She also gave us a love of Star Wars. I still remember her reading out the funny parts of the X-Wing novels. It made all of us laugh.

Image result for x wing wraith squadronThe Wraith Squadron books in particular. “Yub, yub commander!”

When I got old enough, I was so excited to read them for myself. It’s stuck with me…I still read the series every year or two.

She gave me her old books on dragons:

Image result for dragonflight

Wild books about rabbits:

Image result for watership down book cover

Comic novels:

Image result for erma bombeck books

Okay… I was a little strange in junior high.

And many, many more.

As I got older, we were able to share stories more equally.

Whether it was a themed mystery:

Image result for joanne fluke books

(While the series took a deep dip in quality, the first ones were fun to share.)

Or a satirical fantasy series:

Image result for the fifth elephant

She loves this one especially.

The stories connected us and brought us together.

The word that keeps coming to mind is “share.” Reading is so often thought of as a solitary pursuit, but I’ve never seen it that way. I realize now that’s thanks to my mother.

Image result for reading out loud mother

How I feel when I read^

For many of the stories I’ve written, she’s been the first person to see or hear them. I’ve read to her on car trips–sorry I took 10+ years to finish that one!–or over the phone when I’ve been elsewhere for school/work. She’s encouraged me every step of the way.

So, this one’s for you, Mum! Thanks for all the laughter. Thanks for being my biggest fan. Thanks for sharing your favorite stories with me.

Image result for kanga and roo hugging

Most of all, thanks for giving me the world.

With love today and every day. ❤



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