Mum’s the word

I started this on Mother’s Day.

At first, I wanted to write about wonderful mothers in stories. Then I thought about how often the main character doesn’t have a mother. It’s not all that surprising…if you want to give your character a tragic backstory, few things are more traumatic than the loss of someone who loved you unconditionally.

Besides, think of the ways the story might have changed if the character did have a mother:

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There aren’t many mothers in fairy tales…or Disney movies. After all, if there’s going to be a wicked stepmother, the mother has to go.

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“I got it from my mama”: stories to share

It’s Mothers’ Day today! In honor of the occasion, this post is going to be all about those fabulous, life-giving women in the world.

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More specifically, it’s going to be about the stories they shared with us.

When my sister and I were very small, my parents read us bedtime stories. There are far, far too many to recount here. I still remember most of them with love.

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This, however, was terrifying. Thanks, Mum! 😛

from What Was I Scared Of? by Dr. Seuss

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The stories that started it all

If I asked you right now what stories you loved best, what would you say? Are there any stories that have stuck with you for over a decade?

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For most of us, those books were from childhood. They’re the stories we grew up with, the ones that were there when we had a feeling we didn’t know how to express, the ones that showed us we weren’t alone, the ones that showed us a bigger, more magical world.

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